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Client:       Private

Location:   London E8
Status:      completed October 2015
Size:         100 sqm


Winner of Passivhaus Trust Award 2016

Winner of Hackney Design Awards 2016

Shortlisted for AJ Architecture Awards 2017

'Passivhaus' is a very low energy construction standard following principles for comfort and energy developed in Germany by the Passivhaus Institute based on high insulation, low air leakage and control of ventilation.

The 2-storey house at Lansdowne Drive consists of an in-situ reinforced concrete lower level, half sunken from street level, and a prefabricated upper level structure in Cross Laminated Timber.

The main construction components have been left exposed internally, from structural concrete or timber panels to conduits and ducts, providing a simple palette of materials and a very direct sense of the construction.
The house has no central heating.



Passivhaus Designer - Accredited Passivhaus Design - Peter Ranken

Structural Engineer - Michael Hadi Associates

Cross Laminated Timber - Eurban

Raft Insulation - IsoQUICK

Airtightness and wood fibre Insulation contractor - Clioma House ltd.

Zinc - Peters roofing

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